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Ocean Rose

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Ocean rose is a soft floral scent with the freshness of salty ocean air. Light it in your home, common space, or bathroom for that fresh just cleaned scent.

Ocean Rose is infused with essential oils including orange, lemon, and tagete.

Ingredients: All natural soy wax, fragrance and essential oils. Oils are free from carcinogens, mutagens, acute toxins, organ toxins, reproductive toxins, and phthalates. Cotton and paper wick, metal wick tab, wick sticker, kraft paper label, warning label, metal lid.

Soy wax is water soluble! When you are done burning your candle wash your jar with hot water and reuse.

I strive to utilize items made in the USA in all phases of candle production and make you a candle that you can feel good about burning in your home!

Burning tips: Remember to keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch to keep a safe low flame, avoid soot, and get the most out of your burn time!

2% of sales donated to Tunnel To Towers Foundation


Metal Lid

Soy Wax

Cotton + Paper wicK (metal tab)

Wick Sticker

Warning Label

Product Label

Fragrance Oil + Essential Oil

Shipping & Returns

Although returns or exchanges are not accepted on candles, if for any reason you are not satisfied please let me know. I would love to work with you to make it right. See our refund policy for more information.

Care Instructions

These simple candle burning instructions should be used for any candle you burn, they will help you get the most out of your candle - or the most "burn for your buck" and keep your flame height low and safe. 
  • Your first time lighting the candle leave the candle lit until you have a melting pool. All the wax should be melted completely to the sides of the container and a bit down. This process usually takes 2-3.5 hours depending on the diameter of your candle container. The first burn will create a memory, prevent tunneling, and is important to extend the life of your candle and achieve a proper burn. 
  • If you experience any black poofs of smoke when you first light your candle,  extinguish the flame and ensure your wick is trimmed to approximately 1/4 inch. 
  • Never burn a candle for more than four hours
  • Trim your wick to approximately 1/4 inch before each use to reduce unnecessary smoke
  • Always burn your candle on a flat surface away from children, pets, drafts, and vents. 




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