About Our Candles

I always strive to utilize products made in the USA in all aspects of my business. From my commercial wax melter, to pouring pitchers, labels and the lid that goes onto every jar, sourcing items made in the USA is a pillar of Collier's Candle Co. Below is a list of the country and or state that all of the components of your candle are sourced from.

Metal lid - USA
Soy Wax - Grown in the USA, Manufactured in Kentucky
Cotton & Paper wick - Primed and cut in Germany, Tabbed in the USA
Wick stickers - USA
8oz jars - USA or China
16oz jars - USA - Vineland, NJ
Fragrance + Essential Oils - USA
Label Paper - USA
Label Printing - Mohegan Lake, NY
Warning Label (on bottom of jar) - USA

From time to time some suppliers have experienced stock issues making things such as bags or 8oz jars extremely hard to find. If I am unable to purchase an item made in the USA I purchase it where it is available at that time and switch back to a made in the USA product as soon as practicable. 

In a quest to make a clean burning candle that you can feel good about burning in your home I switched oils beginning with my Spring 2021 line to a line of fragrance oils free from phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins. I never use any dye or UV stabilizers in my candles.

Current stock of Lavender, Amber Noir, and Citron + Mandarin do not meet these strict standards but are free from dye, phthalates, UV stabilizers, and may meet one or more of the criteria above, they just do not meet all.