About Us

Hi! Thanks for being here, I am Amanda Collier, owner of Collier's Candle Co. I am Mom to three little girls, Kaylee, Rylee, & Caitlin. Together with my husband, Chris, we live in Yorktown, NY where I make candles out of the basement of our home - although things are quickly taking over our house!

Collier's Candle Co. was born as an idea in 2011 after wondering why candles left soot in strange areas of my friend's home. As a firefighter I knew that soot was the byproduct of incomplete combustion and also not healthy to breathe. 

I quickly found that many products used in candles that are widely available in stores are known carcinogens and toxins. In addition most candles available were made with petroleum based paraffin wax. I knew there had to be a better way.

My goal was to make a candle that people could feel good about burning in their homes, not having to worry about soot, toxins, carcinogens, or other harmful ingredients. After many hours of research and experimenting I made my first candles in 2013. They weren't that great, but I didn't stop trying.

In 2015 I launched Collier's Candle Co. and candles were flying off my shelves faster than I could keep them in stock. Just when I felt I was picking up a lot of momentum another opportunity I had been working towards came to fruition. I was notified that I was selected to begin the New York City Police Academy beginning in January. As a rule of the NYPD I was no longer allowed to own a business for at least the first two years of my employment. 

Fast forward to 2020, still a police officer, I was now working closer to home. I still had people asking for candles and my passion for creating clean burning candles was as strong as ever with two young children at home. I re-launched Collier's Candle Co. in the Winter of 2020 and am proud to say that beginning in Spring 2021 every candle I have launched is made with fragrance oils free from carcinogens, mutagens, phthalates, dye, uv stabilizer, organ toxins, acute toxins, and reproductive toxins.

2023 brought immense change and growth to our lives and Collier's Candle Co. We moved into our new home, tripled the size of our candle studio, and I left my job as a police officer to be home with my family while running Collier's Candle Co. as my full time job! It has been a wild ride, and I am so glad you're on it with me.

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I am so thankful for your support, each purchase means the world to my family and I.

- Amanda Collier